Communication : the key …

It starts, holds and delivers everything you want, from adjusting how you feel about yourself and improving your personal performance to the impact you have on others; it determines if you’ll be considered or rejected, respected or even remembered!

If you want to work with me as an associate trainer or course facilitator please follow the page link and you’ll be taken straight to the relevant information. If you don’t already have the password  email me and I’ll send it.

I now work with small businesses as a change agent, training and mentoring to improve both process and performance, bringing the experience of a long and successful sales career focused on winning business and maintaining client relationships up to National Account level, together with a track record of delivering acclaimed training and speaking in the UK, Ireland and Middle East.

As a speaker and trainer I am committed to helping others find their voice, speak and present authentically. Sales Training is my own design, the Six-Pack programme, delivered with the key ingredients of personal commercial achievement and teaching experience. I offer talks focused on sales and business development, communication, networking and they work at both individual and team levels to ignite sustainable change.

Talk offers range from Brown Bag lunches to full 3-Day Courses and are specifically prepared for each audience.

Get in touch and let’s make a difference 

Andy Rudge